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Owner Appreciation Program- Rhode Island

Real Estate Professional Referral Program

    Do you know a property owner who could benefit from the services of Nexus Property Management™? We believe all property owners would benefit from the free time and peace of mind Nexus offers them. With our full service management, real time communication, and efficient web based access for tenants and owners. So we will say:

    If you know a property owner, you know someone who
    will benefit from the services of Nexus Property Management™.

    Current Owner Appreciation Program - Many of our clients have asked if we offer a discount or bonus for bringing in new clients if they know someone who could benefit from our service. We have developed a reward program for our clients that never ends! Our Owner Appreciation Program will give current clients credit towards the next management fee tier for each unit they refer to us. For example, lets say you have 3 units under management and you have a friend with 4 units. The management fee would currently be 8% of collected rent for the 3 units that we manage on your behalf, but if you refer the friend with 4 units we will add that to your total unit # which would put you in the 7% management fee bracket and lower your fee from that point on!
    Nexus Pricing

    Real Estate Agent Referral Program - Those who hold a real estate license in Rhode Island will recieve $250 for any clients they have that join the Nexus family.

    *must be a client we are not already working with or have contacted.
    *referral must state who referred them during first contact