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Many businesses have a page dedicated to testimonials and reviews but it is often impossible to verify the source or to truly know if customers actually wrote them. Here at Nexus Property Management® we strive to provide an exceptional service and a great value for our clients. While we do receive positive testimonials, comments, and letters from our owners and tenants on a regular basis, we choose not to cut and paste them on a page and expect prospective clients to assume they are authentic. Instead we have provided easy access to what our clients and customers are saying on the top review websites across the web with the links below as well as an automated feed from those review sites. We are proud to display our reviews along with the links below and we look forward to hearing from you!


Nexus Feedback

This review is for Tom M. He was not only the most professional and knowledgeable maintenance person I have ever experienced. He went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable while he was working on my hot water tank. He in my opinion is an exemplary employee and should be rewarded for his work and his personality. Celeste C. 1543 Main Street. West Warwick

10 Nov 2022

Tom M was so helpful and kind. He contacted me right away, was proactive about addressing the issues, and he kept in touch until the issues were fixed. Thank you Tom!

04 Nov 2022

Tom M. came in and took care of everything!!! Really great guy also. Thank you Tom and thank you nexus

31 Oct 2022

26 Oct 2022

The landlord is very nice and accommodating. The maintenance crew is impeccable, Tom is very professional and trustworthy. He did a great super fast job on giving me a new faucet today. Less than 24 hours after letting Nexus know I had an issue it was fixed!

20 Oct 2022

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