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Rhode Island Tenant Referral Program

RI Apartment Leasing

     At Nexus Property Management™ we value the relationships with our tenants and would like to reward our great tenants with our Tenant Referral Program. Our mission is to create a better living experience for all.
Imagine a world where you could pick your neighbors? Imagine not having to hear that loud music late at night or that dog barking at the crack of dawn? Wouldn't it be great to be able to select those you live besides so you could all increase your enjoyment of the property and avoid the possible downside of the unknown neighbor? Well that's exactly what your going to get with the Tenant Referral Program here at Nexus Property Management™, here’s how it works:

1. At the time you make the referral and until the end of your tenancy, you must be current on rent
2. The referred applicant must tell a Nexus representative  the first time they speak that he or she was referred by you.
3. Prior to referral reward payment both you and the new tenant must be current on all rent and the new tenant must have resided in the unit for 3 months to qualify. At which point you will receive $150 rent credit for each referral and the benefit of great neighbors!

*unfortunately by law this program can only be available to residents of  properties owned by Nexus Property Management™